Financial Inclusion

The unbelievable explosion of technology and innovation online has led to an ever-increasing expansion and interconnection of the world’s finances. However many people live in third-world economies without access to our new digital economy.  If these people don’t have access, then they can neither benefit from nor contribute to the technological advances most people in first-world countries enjoy.


Financial Inclusion is the delivery of financial services at affordable costs to sections of disadvantaged and low-income segments of society.


Efforts to reach the financially marginalized have been obstructed by the inordinately high costs of building infrastructure and preventing fraud. So how does one deliver banking services and the other benefits of the digital economy to remote locations in second and third world countries, where transaction amounts are low and fraud risk high?  Is there a way for such services to be trustworthy, affordable, and convenient?


So far, there haven’t been effective solutions to solve this riddle.  Attempts at online-only/mobile-only banking are beginning to take hold, but the difficulties for banks to adhere to “Know Your Customer” requirements and to accurately document “Anti-Money Laundering” protections remain nagging problems.  Biometrics have been proposed as the potential silver bullet, but hardware infrastructure expenses have been prohibitively high. Until ONYX ™.


ONYX, our touchless, no-additional-hardware fingerprint biometric solution, enables governments and banks to collaborate in bringing all their citizens online to the 21st century economy so that both individuals and institutions may reap the benefits of full economic participation. Diamond Fortress Technologies is empowering integrators and banks around the world to leverage national fingerprint databases for establishing new customer identities. Via DFT’s patented and patent-pending image processing algorithm, ONYX, we provide a software-only means to deliver high quality fingerprint acquisition and matching capability to a smartphone in seconds. The rear-facing camera becomes a touchless/contactless fingerprint sensor, enabling fast cloud-based verification without any need for additional hardware – only the phone the user already possesses.


With ONYX, the goal of Financial Inclusion is finally achievable; the last barrier to an inclusive digital economy has now been breached.


To see it for yourself, download an ONYX Demo (Android & iOS) that you can try on your own phone. Just go to