Tales from the Road

Three Solid Weeks of Promotion and Travel (Part 1 of 2)


These are just some of the things we’ve been doing recently at Diamond Fortress Technologies / DFT Empower:

The Financial Risks and Regulatory Challenges of Domestic and Global Money Laundering, Terrorism Financing and Fraud Conference


This was great. And we didn’t have to fly anywhere. Got to meet a lot of people, mainly from the US and South America looking for better ways to comply with their local regulations.
Legal requirements and recent developments compel financial institutions and money services businesses to adopt comprehensive and effective risk-based controls to prevent misuse by money launderers or purveyors of terrorist acts. Anti-Money Laundering, Terrorism Financing, Fraud, and related regulations continue to increase compliance operating costs for companies in the financial services space.


Finovate Europe

This was a really big one. We had seven minutes to show off our technology to about a thousand industry leaders throughout Europe and the world. Chace delivered the presentation expertly, and I stood in the back poorly recording it on video. It was neat to see all of the laptop screens start going to our webpage and people nudging each other to whisper about something Chace said on stage.
Finovate is the only conference series focused on exclusively on showcasing the best and most innovative, new, banking and finance technologies. Presenters are selected through a competitive process, so the only people who “Wow”  the selection board make it.
You can see the professionally shot video (not mine) of the presentation HERE.


Cambridge University


We were asked to meet with a group of students and post-grads working on biometrics in the emerging world for a “Lunch & Learn” program. (It was held in the third-oldest building in Cambridge – literally a “Fortress” itself.) Everyone we met there was excited about DFT Empower and ONYX, and I think we made some connections there that will hopefully be long-lasting.
We met at The Chesterton Tower, a 14th century castle, actually the 3rd oldest building in Cambridge. However, don’t let the stone walls fool you. Inside, there is a fully equipped 21st century office with powerful computers, prototyping facilities, 3D printers, and tons of creative space. Not to mention a lot of talented, smart people.

The Fantasy Cricket App


JS Bank developed a fantasy cricket app. If you might like to make a small wager, you can now (using ONYX) open a bank account from inside the fantasy cricket app. If you happen to already have an account at JS Bank, you can link it (again, with ONYX) to the fantasy cricket app on your phone.

This is all done as part of an ONYX-enabled solution built by Paysys Labs, our partner in Pakistan.

You can get the app from Google Play HERE.