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We’ve put together some resources to help answer the most commonly asked questions about ONYX.

Approved Devices

Due to the large numbers of android devices available, we are not able to test on all models. If your model is on neither the approved devices list nor the incompatible devices list, it most likely hasn’t been fully tested. 


*Android devices must be running ice cream sandwich (4.0) or newer.


*Apple devices must be running ios 7 or newer. 


ONYX works on most other Android devices, however, adequate testing has not yet been performed to certify them “approved”.


Blackphone 2 Motorola Droid Max
Google Nexus 4 Motorola Droid Turbo
Google Nexus 5 Motorola G
Google Nexus 5x Motorola X
Google Nexus 6 OBI SF1
Google Nexus 6p OnePlus ONEA 2005
Google Nexus 7 Tablet Oppo A33f
Google Pixel Oppo A37f
Haier Esteem L50 Oppo F1s
HTC One (M8) Oppo N1 CyanogenMod
HTC One E8 Qmobile Noir E1
Huawei Honor Qmobile Noir S1
Huawei Honor 4c Qmobile Noir S2
Huawei Honor Holly Qmobile Noir Z14
Huawei P8 Lite Samsung Galaxy A5
Huawei P9 Lite Samsung Galaxy Alpha
Huawei Y511 Samsung Galaxy C7
Huawei Y6 Pro Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro
Infinix Note 3 Pro Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime
Infinix Zero 4 Samsung Galaxy J2
iPad Pro 12.9 Samsung Galaxy J5
iPhone 5 Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime
iPhone 5s Samsung Galaxy J7
iPhone 6 Samsung Galaxy Note
iPhone 6+ Samsung Galaxy Note 2
iPhone 6s Samsung Galaxy Note 3
iPhone 6s+ Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Lenovo Vibe Samsung Galaxy S3
LG Escape 2 Samsung Galaxy S4
LG G Flex Samsung Galaxy S5
LG G2 Samsung Galaxy S7
LG G3 Samsung Galaxy S-IV
LG Tribute 5s Sugar C88

Droid Bionic Unknown
Haier Pursuit G20 1,3
HTC One Unknown
HTC One Max Unknown
Huawei Ascend Unknown
Lenovo A700 3
Lenovo Libe Unknown
Motorola MOTO G2 1,3
Qmobile Noir A300 1,2
Qmobile Noir W20 1,2
Qmobile Noir Z12 Pro Unknown
Qmobile Noir Z4 2
Qmobile Titan 1
Samsung Galaxy A8 Unknown
Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Unknown
Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Unknown
Samsung Galaxy GS6 Unknown
Samsung GT18262 1,2
Samsung Note 5 (All) Unknown
Samsung S6 Edge Unknown
Samsung S6 Edge+ Unknown
Sony Experiea L Unknown

↑ List of Devices that are Incompatible or have known issues. This list was generated from tested devices that produced less than satisfactory results or are fully incompatible. Reasons: 1 – Phone camera does not meet minimum requirements, 2 – Phone does not support minimum OS, 3 – Macro mode not enabled on device

←List of Devices with Proven ONYX™ Compatibility – This is a non-comprehensive list. If a certain device does not appear here, it doesn’t mean that it is incompatible, but we have not fully tested that particular device.

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Spec Sheet

• Image Output: ONYX can output imagery in the following formats: Processed with or without thresholding or Enhanced image, ISO or proprietary template, or WSQ of the processed image.


• PPI: Images are collected at devices’ full native resolution typically in excess of  ~1000 – 2000 ppi then scaled to ~500ppi.


• Operating Range: 4 – 6 inches


• Processing time: 1 – 3 sec for image capture, .3 – .5 for image processing and 1 – 5 seconds for NFIQ score determination. Processing speeds can vary greatly depending on device processor and memory capacity.


• On-Device Matching Modes: 1:1 and 1:N up to 50,000 records.


• Minimum Camera Requirements: 3MP, Auto-Focus, LED Flash


• Camera Controls: Manual & Auto-Capture; Manual & Auto-LED control


• OS Compatibilities:  iOS, Android (native and Cordova plugin or NativeScript Plugin)

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One Sheet - Everything You Need to Know About ONYX on One Page

Diamond Fortress Technologies is a biometric security provider headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. DFT provides a first-of-its-kind touchless fingerprint biometric software solution with our patented and copyright-protected software development kit (“SDK”), known as ONYX™. Our product replaces expensive physical hardware, and allows remote customers to be reached with the high-security of fingerprint identification, just through the phone in their pocket.


ONYX enables fingerprint capture by using a mobile device’s rear-facing camera to take a picture of a finger and then applies our proprietary algorithms to accurately produce a high-quality fingerprint image.


ONYX is simple to integrate into a mobile application, taken most developers only a matter of minutes. Further, we provide robust liveness detection and anti-spoofing (ONYXlive) through our secure service ONYX Live, that can be reached through a simple function call in the SDK.


ONYX is powered by state-of-the-art deep learning that allows it to quickly recognize a finger in the camera field of view, automatically capture when it’s in focus, and quickly segment it for image processing.


Our partners regularly use ONYX to perform identity verification of new customers, particularly in the financial services industry, by embedding ONYX in their applications and using it to capture a print then match it against the customer’s previously enrolled print in the national government’s identity database. This cost-effective and easily deployable solution to know-your-customer (“KYC”) and anti-money laundering (“AML”), is rapidly expanding markets in the developing parts of the world, where physical infrastructure and hardware are cost-prohibitive.


Our technology is delivered as an SDK for Android and iOS. It is backwards compatible, can be used with third-party matchers, and integrates well with existing automated fingerprint identification systems (“AFIS”). ONYX deploys more broadly and quickly and at a lower cost than any other “mobile” fingerprint hardware. As device manufacturers create better cameras, our solution inherently improves. We can further enhance the product through over-the-air updates.


ONYX avoids many of the distorting variables present with touch-based hardware scanners, resulting in a more accurate copy of the actual fingerprint. Due to its touchless nature, it is more hygienic and secure, as it leaves no latent prints or residue behind.

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Example Use Case Diagrams

These are only two of the use cases for ONYX. Some of the other uses of ONYX are:

  • Enterprise Biometrics
  • Replacing Passwords and PINs
  • Physical Access
  • Logical/Network Access
  • Time & Attendance (Especially for remote, on-site workers)
  • Law Enforcement and Government Biometrics
  • Field Live-Scan Identification
  • Border Control


KYC Identity Verification in Countries Where Fingerprints are Stored in a National Database


1. Our subject lives in a country that stores citizen’s fingerprint in a database.

2. The subject’s fingerprints are captured, along with ID number.

3. Either the fingerprint image or template is securely transmitted to the government server.

4. The server retreives the fingerprint that matches the subject’s ID number.

5. The matching server compares the captured print with the datbase print.

6. If the prints match, we have positively identified the subject.

I7. f the prints do not match, the subject’s fingerprint is not the same as the one on the card, and the matching server will not verifiy the match.


KYC Identity Verification in Countries Where Fingerprints are Printed on a National ID Card


1. Our subject lives in a country that has a national identity card with the fingerprint printed on the card.

2. The image of the fingerprint is captured from the card.

3. The fingerprint(s) of the subject are captured.

4. ONYX attempts to match the two prints on device.

5. A YES/NO response is delivered to the app.

6. If the prints match, we have positively identified the subject.

I7. f the prints do not match, the subject’s fingerprint is not the same as the one on the card, and ONYX will not verifiy the match.

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ONYX White Paper



ONYX® is mobile touchless fingerprint biometric software developed by Diamond Fortress Technologies. Our patent-protected, first-of-its-kind product uses a mobile device’s camera to capture a user’s unique fingerprint. ONYX doesn’t require additional hardware. For law enforcement and government, ONYX provides fast in the field, on-scene identification and enrollment


ONYX avoids many of the distorting variables present with hardware scanners because it is touchless, resulting in a fingerprint that is a more exact copy of the actual finger. Internal testing and observation has revealed that ONYX creates fingerprints for matching which are superior to those created by hardware scanners. Accordingly, fingerprints generated by ONYX can result in more accurate matches. More accurate matches equal greater security. Greater security available to mobile device users right now by only a simple software download, without the need for any additional hardware, resulting in a drastically reduced cost.


To read more, download the PDF of the entire document by using the link below.

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Capabilities Statement

Governments around the world are implementing improved mobile technology for an increasing number of their public servants. Agency chiefs understand how technology can increase efficiency and effectiveness, but the reality of budget limitations often prevents officers having the technology they need with them at all times. Quality mobile biometrics has been prohibitively expensive and cumbersome to implement.


At Diamond Fortress Technologies, we now provide an affordable, first-of-its-kind touchless fingerprint biometric software solution with our patented and copyright-protected software module, known as ONYX. Our product makes specialized mobile fingerprint scanners unnecessary – the officer simply needs his or her smartphone.



  • ONYX provides mobile, touchless fingerprint aquisition for identification or verification on-device or on-server.
  • We consult with agencies not only about the integration of ONYX, but also about the affected processes. This allows clients to fully leverage the strength and efficiency of ONYX.®
  • While ONYX isn’t an application in itself, we often custom-build apps for clients, including everything from designing the user interface and flow to final testing and distribution.



  • Diamond Fortress is the leading provider of fingerprint biometrics that runs on almost any model of phone, without the need for a hardware sensor. ONYX also works on tablets that meet the camera specifications and include a LED to illuminate the finger.
  • Our touchless technology produces higher-quality prints than touch-based sensors. There isn’t anything extra, like a laptop or peripheral sensor, that the user has to carry around besides their phone.



  • Identify, verify the identity of, and enroll a subject or victim in the field immediately.
  • Integrating the GPS capabilities of the mobile device, the exact location of the subject encounter, along with the time of identification, can be collected.
  • Provide two-factor authentication to log-in to sensitive applications.
  • Allowing physical access to restricted areas.
  • From the mobile device or desktop computer, users can approve transactions – financial or otherwise.
  • Run background checks on subjects against any fingerprint database, with almost instant results.
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