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Whether you’re building a new biometric system or leveraging an existing platform, from banking and financial services to healthcare, from enterprise authentication and consumer authentication to physical access and security, ONYX will provide you with the ease of deployment and reliability you need.

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The ONYX® SDK is our core solution, it can be used for native iOS and android development and html5 multi-platform development via our onyx Cordova plugin. The ONYX SDK provides core biometric functionality:

Image Capture

ONYX users our proprietary neural network, CaptureNet, to detect the fingers in the camera field of view, automatically capture them once they’re in focus, and segment each fingertip into a separate image file.

Image Processing

Our patented image processing technique, ONYX Core performs a normalization method on the captured images to return, high contrast, high resolution, accurate fingerprint images.

Liveness Detection

DFT’s proprietary AI liveness detection and anti-spoofing (LDAS) service, ONYX Live, is the only real, reliable liveness solution available on the market for touchless mobile fingerprint biometrics.

Matching On-Device

Bundled with our main capture and processing components is our matching algorithm, that can perform 1:1, 1:N up to 50,000 records on the mobile device.

  • WSQ On-Device – Integrated into the ONYX library is the ability to perform high-speed image compression via a NIST standard Wavelet Scalar Quantization algorithm on iOS or Android.

  • Image Output – ONYX contains methods to retrieve the fingerprint imagery for processing, storage, or transmission in various formats:

    1. Raw – The Raw Image Collected by ONYX

    2. Preprocessed – The grayscale Fingerprint

    3. Enhanced – The Preprocessed Image with our Proprietary Enhancement Algorithm Applied

    4. Black & White – The Preprocessed Image in Black & White.

  • AFIS Interoperability – The ONYX SDK provides several functions to facilitate integration with third-party on-server matching algorithms, and matching against enrollments from touch-based sensors, commonly found in an AFIS environment:

    1. Image Inversion – Inverts ridge/valley color to orient the coloring the same as touch-based fingerprints

    2. Image Flipping – Provides a mirror image of the fingerprint to orient the image the same as touch-based fingerprints

    3. Image Pyramiding – Creates scaled/up or down versions of the collected image to match the scale of touch-based imagery in existing database.

Native and Multi-Platform Example Projects

We’ve put together some simple mobile app projects to demonstrate how quick and easy it is to integrate ONYX. We have a sample project for native Android, native iOS via CocoaPod, a cross platform Cordova example, and a cross platform NativeScript example.

Financial Services Powered by ONYX

ONYX is helping to radically change the way people securely interact with financials services. Through the power of remote biometric verification that leverages existing trusted identity infrastructure, KYC and AML compliant platforms are opening the door to fast, convenient, and inclusive financial ecosystems.

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PassPrint Identity as a Service Powered by ONYX

Leverage ONYX through a revolutionary passwordless Identity as a Service platform via the safe and simple OAuth2.0 Protocol. Allow your employees and customers to securely login with strong multifactor biometric authentication to all your web-based services.

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